A gift for you: Values-based estate planning services

Southern Adventist University has teamed up with Thompson & Associates, one of America’s foremost values-based estate planning firms, to provide you with qualified, unbiased tax and estate guidance, creating plans that can drastically limit or even eliminate taxes. Our Thompson & Associates representative can help ensure that your estate plan is up-to-date with current and future tax laws, and that it fits your needs. 

This service is complimentary with no hidden agendas, no time restraint, and no pressure or obligation. All conversations are held in the strictest confidence.

Thompson’s Process

First, a Southern representative will schedule a private meeting for you to meet our representative, Cayce Powell, in person or using a virtual platform like Zoom or FaceTime. If you choose to continue the process, he will typically meet with you two to four more times (depending on your situation) to help you accomplish the following: 

  • Clarify your goals and objectives and develop an estate plan that reflects your values
  • Help ensure your financial independence
  • Provide for each of your heirs in the most effective way
  • Reduce taxes and redirect dollars going to the government to the causes you care about

From there, you can work with your own trusted advisers to implement your personalized values-based estate plan. Thompson & Associates does not draft legal documents, manage money, or sell any products, and they will not ask you to make a gift. 

Cayce Powell Meet Cayce Powell

As the Thompson & Associates adviser to Southern Adventist University, Cayce works with Southern’s staff, alumni, and supporters, helping each of them understand how to better shape their estate plans to meet their personal objectives. His consultation is complimentary, confidential, and is offered with no obligation to take any action.


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